we are maoli

Presenting a group from Maui, Hawaii that is credited with over 21 #1 Regional Island Reggae hits, Maoli!

Maoli is Glenn Awong; the lead singer, songwriter, and founder of the group of three.  Glenn first started playing at the early age of 14.  Within a fifteen-year career that followed national and international performances, Maoli is heralded as one of Hawaii's and Polynesia's #1 commercial recording artists.

Maoli's first hit was "No One", which was released in 2007.  From then on it was upward and onward with hit after hit that Maoli fans anew followers could hear on the radio.  Maoli has also placed its music on national television (Hawaii Five-O) and is a big name in Japan, Europe as well as the mainland United States, New Zealand, and Australia.

Maoli is highly recognized for its touring popularity; having performed in at least 42 of the 50 United States, as well as New Zealand and Australia.

Throughout the years, Maoli's music has evolved with a sound and a style that is constantly changing within their fanbase.  Fusing the elements of Country, R&B, Soul, Acoustic, Rock & Roll, and Reggae.  Maoli's music changes within our changing times...thus creating new fans and keeping old ones as well with their music.

Even during this dreadful global pandemic, Glenn is in the studio creating music that will unite hearts and connect souls to the world of Maoli Music!

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